RALF Studios is a woman owned and led Australian contemporary fashion brand. After many years in fashion wholesale, Alexandra Farrelly the founder of RALF was intrigued with the idea of making products that the Australian market was missing and bringing to life some dreams and ideas that had been simmering in the background.
RALF was launched whilst Alexandra was on mat leave and has grown simultaneously with her family. She now has three sons under three and a half  and loves the fact she can be a creative, a business woman and most importantly Mumma, all at once and all from the home studio.
RALF Studios believes you deserve a little luxury every day. It strives to deliver both essential and statement wardrobe pieces that are interchangeable, seasonless and will transcend time.
The brand is devoted to minimising its effect on the environment by using low impact, ancient and luxurious natural fabrics.
RALF is proudly packaged plastic free and is always looking for new ways to develop considered sustainable practices.
With deliberate intention the brand only offers small and considered runs of each product line. The pieces are designed to bring you happiness, spark your confidence and celebrate your life.
Feel special, feel powerful and feel proud. Wear your unique and luxurious pieces lunching, dancing, beaching, boating, toasting and whatever you're doing in order to be living your best life.